Chad Golston Internet Marketing San Diego

Chad Golston

Hobbies: I love music – from attending concerts to getting on stage myself, there’s nothing better than getting into the melodic groove of a good song!

What I love about helping clients: As an empath, I get a real sense of purpose when a client tells me that I’ve helped them in some form or fashion: whether that’s helping them grow their business, educating them on better marketing processes or just being able to provide the confidence that there’s someone in their corner.

Why I love working for Lightpost Digital: Lightpost Digital is a rarity – a company with a genuine mission of being transparent about what we do for those that we work with. In addition to the integrity, we have a fantastic sense of camaraderie and constantly strive to improve. I couldn’t ask for a better group of colleagues!

Lightpost Digital Services

Affordable Website Development

A good website is your 24-hour salesperson – it should clearly convey what products and services you offer, and create the desired brand impression on every type of device.

Search Engine Optimization

Gets your website found. Google and other search engines rely on simple descriptions built into your website to quickly learn what you do and where you’re located to send you customers.

Google Adwords Management

Pay-per-click marketing on and Google's ad network is a simple way to quickly get in front of potential customers who are looking for the products and services you offer.

Facebook & Instagram Marketing

Facebook & Instagram are the two largest social networks. Marketing on these sites is designed to get you in front of customers who we think will have an interest in your business.

Business Listings Management

Listing management software allows you to update your business information instantly across the web. Managing your data ensures your business stands out from your competitors online.

Reputation & Review Monitoring

One negative review can result in 20 lost customers. Review sites often get a bad reputation, but planning for and monitoring your reviews can actually help improve your website traffic and get you more customers.